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Stop Spending Ages Learning Foreign Words Just To Forget Them Soon

Increase your efficiency of learning foreign languages with this up-to-date and easy-to-use service

Compile and manage your own vocabulary

Add words, phrases, and expressions you want to learn in you vocabulary. Type phonetic transcription to be able to pronounce the words correctly. Add synonyms and sample sentences demonstrating the use of the word. All this data will be stored in a separate article item and will always be accessible for quick search, editing, and updating.

Memorize new words from your vocabulary

Select a comfortable number of unmemorized words from your vocabulary and memorize them with the use of either the built-it module or your personal technic.

Revise early memorized words regularly

The most important success factor when learning a foreign language is regularly revising the words that were once memorized. Your are provided with an intellectual and adjustable algorithm of selecting words for revising. All you need to do is not to be lazy!

Wherever you are, your vocabulary is always with you. Review, edit, or delete vocabulary articles any moment.
Add new words into your vocabulary.
Add a phonetic transcription so that you correctly pronounce the foreign word.
Revise early memorized words.
Instantly switch between your vocabularies. They all are here now!

Still have some doubt?

Try how this works before you sign up!

You will see:
  • a few already filled sample vocabularies for different language pairs;
  • how easy it is to add, memorize, and revize words;
  • all the details of the user interface and workflow.

You definitely know that your children could be more successful in their adult life if they speak foreign languages. So you invest your time and money to make your children learn them.

All parents want to be sure that their children are diligent in doing their homework. School homework is checked by teachers and you will find out the result in the school record book. But what about daily routine work on memorizing new and revising old foreign words?

If your children are already using doVocabulary, you are on the right path.

doVocabulary Parent Control is an extension tool for parents to watch how diligent their children are using doVocabulary in their daily work on foreign words. Sign up and use it for free to gain control!